Denise Miller

Denise Miller

Senior Project Coordinator

Denise Miller joined Conifer in 2021 as a Senior Project Coordinator. In this role, Denise is responsible for submitting applications to the State, City, County, and other contributing agencies. She also oversees each step of the development process, from inception through close-out. 

Denise brings nearly 20 years of experience in multi-family real estate development, specifically in developing market-rate and affordable residential apartment units. Her skillset includes both new construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing, using 9% and 4% Low Income Housing Tax Credits. 

Prior to Conifer, Denise worked for Osprey Property Company, located in Annapolis, MD. During her 16 year tenure, Denise oversaw the new construciton on 189 units in Maryland, along with the rehabilitation of 839 units in Maryland and Viringia combined. In addition, she supervised the company’s condo conversion – a mix of 120 owners and renters – by seeing-through document filling, construction, staffing, marketing, and lease-up. Once fully occupied, Denise spearhaded the hiring and management efforts of the property staff. Lastly, Denise worked on several retail projects for the organization. From the infrastructure stage through to delivering a pad site, she contracted vendors, worked with marketing companies to lease the space, negotiated terms and prepared LOI and leases, and served as the primary liasion between the tenant and management company. Before her role at Osprey, Denise worked for Klingbeil Management Company in San Francisco, CA. 

Denise holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Bloomsberg University in Pennsylvania.