A key element in Conifer Realty’s success in developing and maintaining high-quality, affordable housing communities are the strong partnerships that have been established and honored with local municipalities, state housing agencies and nonprofit partners.


The continued support of local municipalities is critical to the success and acceptance of much needed affordable housing. The Conifer Development Team works closely with local governments to assure that Conifer projects become vital assets to the communities in which they reside. Conifer is often sought out by local governments to assist in implementing local redevelopment initiatives. Conifer has earned the trust of local municipalities by consistently developing high-quality communities, providing superior property management and being a good neighbor.


Conifer has successfully implemented more than 42 joint ventures with not-for-profit partners in developing affordable housing. Conifer supports its not-for-profit partners with the necessary experience, capacity and understanding to enable these agencies to participate in housing developments in their community. Not-for-profit partners are important liaisons with local governments, communities and providers of vital services to our residents.


At Conifer, we pride ourselves on staying attuned to the needs of state housing agencies to ensure that our housing communities are closely aligned with their priorities and objectives. Conifer’s proven track record for developing on-time, on-budget housing communities, coupled with our commitment to providing the highest standards of professional management and maintenance, have established Conifer as a premier developer in the eyes of state housing agencies. Our reputation has made it possible for Conifer to consistently obtain funding in a very competitive arena.