Real Estate Development

A HOME For Possibilities

Conifer’s mission is to bring a HOME for possibilities to more than 100,000 residents by 2030 – and we are uniquely qualified to do so. We recognize that every community and market have different needs and sensitivities. So Conifer takes a highly collaborative and tailored approach to each project that seeks to understand and incorporate local priorities, knowledge, and resources into a customized development process and set of best practices that are positioned for success. We work closely with local municipalities and partners throughout every stage of the project to ensure we can consistently deliver state-of-the-art Conifer Communities,on-time and on-budget, meeting or exceeding expectations and requirements. 

Through efficient design and construction techniques, expert project management staff, volume purchasing opportunities, and innovative financing, we deliver practical housing solutions for communities and our residents at an exceptional value. Conifer has worked in multiple states with virtually every funding source available and is keenly skilled at assembling and integrating the right programs to meet the objectives of every development project. At any given time, we actively manage a pipeline of more than 30 unique projects in various stages of the development process. At Conifer, we recognize that being a true local development partner and corporate citizen is not simply about creating and preserving affordable housing. We are proud of our commitment and results in reclaiming brownfield sites, addressing climate change by investing in renewable energy and committing to green building standards, and working with local communities to promote inclusivity and economic opportunity. (possible imagery: solar panels from our drone shots, recent LEED Platinum projects, SET messaging on the inner-loop and redlining. 

Our success in developing high-quality communities is attributable to the strong partnerships and relationships we have with not-for-profit partners, state housing agencies, local governments, contractors, and design professionals.