Middle to disburse $1M in COAH funds

By David Benson

CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE – Township Committee unanimously approved disbursing more than a $1 million in COAH funds Monday, Sept. 17 after the township’s spending plan was approved by the state last month.

Disbursing the money could happen as early as this week, a township official said. The vote is a step forward for the projects, but some residents would rather see a delay in one case.

Three agencies will benefit from the Coalition on Affordable Housing disbursement, including a controversial project to build 48 apartments on a nearly 10-acre plot off Railroad Avenue in Cape May Court House.

The Railroad Avenue property, a working farm for decades, is bounded on three sides by federally protected lands, and area residents, as well as state lawmakers, have challenged the proposed project, saying that the planned development would endanger threatened species, such as the Eastern salamander and the Cope’s gray tree frog, said to be on the federal lands.

Last week, Mayor Tim Donohue called for a second look at the project and the environmental issues surrounding the planned development on Railroad Avenue by Conifer Realty, LLC.