Executives of the Year 2015

Erica Bauwens, Michelle Boyles, Matt Cosentino, Josephine Cusumano and Liz Hunter, Staff Writers
South Jersey Biz / southjerseybiz.net 

“South Jersey’s business community is a multifaceted landscape composed of industries of all types. But it’s the people working behind the scenes who are often responsible for the projects and initiatives that are driving the economy forward. Our 2015 Executives of the Year (comprised of nominations and editorial selections) are truly making an impact. Their stories are as varied as the community itself. Whether they’ve been in the field for a few years or a few decades, they’ve all been inspired to work hard within their organizations to make a difference and continue to improve the local business climate.”

Senior Vice President of Development, Conifer, N.J. and Pa. 

Charles M. Lewis got his start as a lawyer for the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation before becoming senior vice president of Pennrose Properties out of Philadelphia. He joined Conifer in 2007, and has since been the driving force behind projects that have been awarded the New Jersey Governor’s Excellence in Housing Award, the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Award and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Quality Award, among others.

How did you first start in the industry? 
I was working for the city as a lawyer and I wanted to get back into the private sector, and the development side seemed a lot more exciting. As an attorney you live with the deal at closing, but there’s so much more happening in development. 
How many years have you been working in the field? 
Thirty-two years 
What inspires you? 
A lot of it is my colleagues. I work with a lot of bright, energetic, young people. They keep me on my toes and ask me some really fascinating questions. I feel a certain responsibility and I love to see them grow.”

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outh Jersey Biz, Volumer 5, Issue 11 (November 2015)