Arab-American Development in Philadelphia

Omar Tewfik, Staff Writer
Arab American Institute

“Last Saturday, the Arab-American Development Corporation (AADC), an Arab American non-profit group based in Philadelphia, broke ground on a $15 million affordable housing project. The project, called “Tajdeed,” which translates to renewal in English, is a 45 unit affordable housing development made possible by collaboration between AADC and Conifer Realty L.L.C. The development will provide 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments and housing units that adhere to “green” Energy Star standards and provide numerous amenities for residents. “This project will provide quality, affordable, and energy efficient apartments, giving individuals and families housing options that meet their specific needs,” said Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter.

Tajdeed is the first affordable public housing project of this magnitude brought to fruition by an Arab American organization. The proponents of the Tajdeed Residencies hope better access to affordable housing will preserve the neighborhood’s diversity and enhance the quality of life for residents. “Tajdeed Residence is critical to this area, as we are committed to affordable housing,” said AADC’s Executive Director, Marwan Kreidie. Keeping housing affordable and creating jobs improves not just this community, but the entire city.”

In an email to supporters, Kreidie, who is also a member of the Arab American National Policy Council, praised Philadelphia Councilwoman Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez of the city’s 7th District for her help in making the project possible. “This project gives this neighborhood new options for employment and housing, both of which are necessary to strengthen communities,” said Councilwoman Maria Quiñones Sánchez. “I look forward to the completion of Tajdeed, so that we can begin to leverage this significant investment and expand its impact in the community.”

The Arab-American Development Corporation is a secular, non-profit organization that has worked in Philadelphia since 1997. AADC helps to empower the greater Philadelphia Arab American community, promote its economic development, and combat racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination. The organization runs crucial programs, services and food drives that provide for residents of the community.

This project, in collaboration with Conifer Realty, is a huge source of pride for Arab Americans across the country, and is a prime example of the ways our community is contributing toward improving quality of life for fellow Americans. “