2 Affordable Housing Projects Kick Off Construction

“These two developments, once complete, will help our East End continue to thrive.”

By Lisa Finn, Patch Staff | May 8, 2019 1:12 pm ET
(Lisa Finn.)

GREENPORT, NY — For years, residents have lamented a dearth of affordable housing on the East End — with many young people forced to move out of their hometowns and firefighters, police officers, nurses, teacher and seniors simply unable to live in the communities where they’ve worked tirelessly for years.

Now, however, there are two new affordable housing developments on the horizon, with construction slated to begin this summer on both.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone announced recently that the county had recently closed on both projects. The first project, Gansett Meadow will be located in Amagansett, and the second project, Vineyard View, will be located in Greenport. In total the county contributed over $1.8 million to both projects, he said.

“Investing in affordable housing projects, especially on our East End, is critical to ensuring more of our hardworking residents have access to a home in one of these vibrant communities,” said Bellone. “These two developments, once complete, will help our East End continue to thrive.”

Long Island, with its high housing costs and property taxes, is in danger of losing its working-age population, vital to a vibrant economy and growing our communities, added Suffolk Legislator Bridget Fleming.

“Additionally, we are a coastal community and have to look at the cost of carbon emissions as a result of increasing commuting time. One way is to live closer to where we work and shop,” Fleming said.

Fleming added that she is proud that Suffolk County’s Affordable Housing Opportunities Program and other infrastructure projects can assist local governments and private developers in meeting the present challenges.

“We have a long way to go but our goals are clear. And these important projects show government is listening and responding to the needs of the community. I’m proud to be part of it,” she said.

Others said more needs to be done.

“This project will fill some of the need for affordable housing in the Town of Southold, but we must do more and be innovative in providing different types of affordable housing,” said Suffolk County Legislator A Krupski. “I also believe strongly that when the community invests in affordable housing, it must remain affordable in perpetuity.”

Dave Gallo, president and founder of Georgica Greens, LLC said developing affordable housing in Amagansett is not only groundbreaking for one community, but symbolizes a step toward revolutionizing the entire affordable housing industry.

“This team is making history, and I couldn’t be more proud to be doing this work beside all of you,” said.

Gwen O’Shea, president and CEO, Community Development Corporation of Long Island said CDCLI was proud to partner with Conifer Realty in creating Vineyard View, which will be a “spectacular” residence for 50 families in Greenport.

“This type of residence is dependent on a strong public-private partnership at all levels. We commend the leadership of the Town of Southold and their housing commission for proactively addressing the unaffordable housing crisis on Long Island and in their community. It would be impossible to bring an opportunity of this size to fruition without the leadership and support of Suffolk County. Their commitment and financial support allow developments like Vineyard View to go from an idea to an actual home,” she said.

The Gansett Meadow development project will be located in Amagansett and less than half a mile away for the Long Island Rail Road station. The project will include 37 units, 36 of which will be affordable to residents. The unit mix will include 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, and 4 bedroom apartments. The co-developers for the project are Georgica Green Ventures, LLC and the East Hampton Housing Authority.

The project is expected to cost $23 million, and the county will contribute more than $1.1 million. Additional funding sources include New York State Homes and Community Renewal, the Community Preservation Corporation, and the Middle Income Housing Program.

The second development, Vineyard View, will be located in Greenport just a little over one mile from the Greenport LIRR station.

Located at 62600 North Road in Greenport, the project will be comprised of 7 2-story buildings on 17.20 acres, with 14 1-bedroom units, between 686 and 707 square feet, with a projected rental price of $909 to $1,117 per month; 22 2-bedroom units, between 850 and 884 square feet, with a projected rental range of between $1,094 and $1,344 per month; and 14 3-bedroom units, 1,101 to 1,211 square feet, priced at between $1,264 and $1,552 per month. Seven of the three-bedroom units being restricted at 80% of the area median income.

The project is expected to cost approximately $22 million, and the county will contribute $700,000. Additional funding sources include the Town of Southold, New York State Homes and Community Renewal, Community Development Corporation of Long Island and the Community Development Trust, LP. The development team consist of Conifer Realty, LLC and Community Development Corporation of Long Island, Bellone said.

Both projects complement County Executive Bellone’s Connect Long Island Initiative, a regional transportation and development plan that promotes long-term economic growth in Suffolk County through a model of increased access and mobility by alternative modes of transportation.