Risk Management Vlog

Risk Management is excited to launch a Vlog (video blog for those not up with the lingo) to bring you short, fun, fresh information from Risk management. Vlogs will be on various topics, from how to prevent a loss to people or property, how to keep you and your family safe at work and home, in-depth look at policies or procedures, giving the WHY behind Risk Management and its importance in your everyday life.

Our first Vlog is about which incident report to complete when you have an accident at Conifer. Vlogs can be found in two places: Risk Management Share Point Vlog or on Conifer University Resource library. Take a moment to watch the first Vlog and then keep checking back for future Vlogs.

We are looking for suggestions for future vlogs. If there is a topic you’d like us to cover, let us know at Riskmanagement@coniferllc.com.