One Page Lease Renewal

Compliance Tip of the Week:  

One Page Lease Renewal

Your Compliance Team has made the One Page Lease Renewal available in Boston Post and Yardi for resident recertifications. 

  • Retain the original lease in the file, adding the lease renewal; every subsequent year, the renewal page may be replaced.
  • Please follow the retention policy outlined in the Compliance Manual page, SITEOP6020 – Physical File Maintenance & File Retention.

BONUS TIP!  New Questionnaires

Both the Move-In and Recertification Questionnaires have been amended.  Please discard all ‘saved’ questionnaires, and print the new, appropriate questionnaire from the software.

Remember:  When processing ANY paperwork for an applicant or resident, you must pull the documents from the property management software every time. This is the only way to ensure that your site remains in compliance with new regulations and requirements.