KPI Challenge Update

The Most Improved Team at the 60-day mark is the KPI Crusaders!  The KPI Crusaders are Brookside I and II, East Court, Abraham Lincoln, Fort Hill, St. Michael’s I & II and the YWCA.  Together, since the start of the contest, they have achieved a 17% reduction in tenant accounts receivables and a 56% reduction in average vacant days!  Past due and late certifications remain unchanged over the past 60 days; the team collectively has 5 total.  To summarize, they’ve made a 33% improvement to KPIs, overall. Congrats KPI Crusaders!  Your hard work is appreciated.  You should be very proud of your accomplishments! 

Also want to give a shout out to the two runners up:  Penny Patrol and Let’s Get Fiscal, Fiscal

Penny Patrol shows an overall improvement of 30%! The team consists of the following communities: Cayuga View, Conifer Village at Cayuga Meadows, Conifer Village at Interlaken, Conifer Village at Ithaca, Ellis Hollow, Linderman Creek I &II, The Overlooks I&II and The Woodlands at Northside.  They have reduced tenant A/R by 1%, average vacant days by 53% and past due & late certs by 50%. 

Let’s Get Fiscal, Fiscal shows overall improvement of 24%!  The team consists of the following communities:  Biltmore Crossing, Circle Drive I & II, Norwich Senior, Poets Landing I & II, Read Memorial, Schoolhouse Gardens, St. Joseph’s, St. Patrick’s and Woodburn Court.  They have reduced tenant A/R by 34%, average vacant days by 12% and past due & late certs by 29%.

Each and every team has shown measurable improvement in at least one category and every team still has an opportunity to win!  Will the KPI Crusaders win it all???  The final contest reports will be run on June 30th, with an announcement to follow in the first week of July.   We can’t wait to see the final scores!