How to Submit a File to Compliance!

A Refresher on Submitting Your Files to the Specialists

The Compliance Specialists have found an increase lately in file submissions that are not according to the standard file submission guidelines.  When these guidelines are not followed, it costs more time and energy in addressing missing paperwork, looking for corrections that may or may not be included, and increasing the time it takes to process and approve a file.

Please review the attached SITEOP6055 – Submitting a File to Compliance (from the Compliance Manual) to refresh your knowledge and be sure you are up-to-date regarding our file procedures!

The Compliance Team thanks you!!

BONUS TIP!!  Using “N/A” on the Under $5K Form

If a resident or applicant household does not have one or more of the assets listed on the form, please enter “N/A”, instead of zeroes.  A “zero” amount next to an asset implies that there is an account and the balance is zero, which may require further verification.