Compliance Tip of the Week: Receiving Verifications

  • Date stamp each fax as it is received. 
  • Check the information provided.  Make sure the documentation does not contain discrepancies or contradictions; it if does, the information must be re-verified.  If information is missing, contact the verifier to obtain the missing items.
  • DO NOT use highlighters on any verification or other documentation.  Use of highlighters is not only considered “altering a verification” but can render a fax or copy unreadable.
  • DO NOT use white-out on any verification or other documentation.  Use of white-out or correction tape is considered “altering a verification”.  If used, the verification will not be reviewed, and information will have to be re-verified.
  • DO NOT write on any verification after it is received by the leasing office.  If more information is needed, use the Clarification Sheet.

Bonus Tip:  All paperwork must be completed by the applicant or resident household.  If for some reason a household member is unable to complete the paperwork, they must bring someone to assist OR have them sign the Authorization for Assistance (found in the property management software) so that leasing staff may assist.

Community Managers: please share with your leasing agents and any other office staff responsible for certification files.

DISTRICT MANAGERS: Please share with your sites to be sure they are receiving the Tip of the Week!!  If they are not receiving, they need to submit a ticket to IT to be added to the RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES email group.