Compliance Tip of the Week: Naming File Corrections

Just a reminder that Corrections sent to Compliance ALSO need to follow the file naming standard.

For requested File Corrections, please use [Property Name] [Unit Number] [Last Name] [Certification Type][Year][Correction Type].  PLEASE NOTE: Do not include brackets or commas between these. 

Here is an example of how your Corrections should be named:   Sunny Hills B202 Jones MI 2018 C1

Please use the following Correction Types:

·         C1- 1st Correction

·         C2 – 2nd Correction

·         C3 – 3rd Correction

Bonus Tip for Yardi Users~

The NAHMA field has to be completed prior to requesting the date completed. The date completed cannot be done without this section being completed.

Community Managers: please share with your leasing agents and any other office staff responsible for certification files.

DISTRICT MANAGERS: Please share with your sites to be sure they are receiving the Tip of the Week!!  If they are not receiving, they need to submit a ticket to IT to be added to the RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES email group.