Compliance Tip of the Week: How can I help someone with Limited English Proficiency?

The first step is to determine the person’s primary language, if possible. Point out the “Your Right to an Interpreter” plaque to the person, so that they may identify their primary language.  The “Your Right to an Interpreter” plaque should be prominently displayed in the rental office.  If your office does not have a plaque, please order one from Cooley.

The next step: the  following options can be used to communicate with the person:

  • You may use the Interpretation Phone Line number, OR
  • If any trained office staff are bi-lingual, they also may interpret.

Please see the attached “Instructions for Language Assistance” for more information! 

Bonus Tips for Yardi Users~

  • The NAHMA field has to be completed prior to requesting the date completed. The date completed cannot be done without this section being completed.
  • Please be sure the short TICs are used/signed for all self-certs.