Compliance Tip of the Week: 7/29/2019 – Screening Results in CoreLogic

“Accept” for both the Score Decision and the CrimSAFE Decision
Please proceed with application process.

“Decline” for Score Decision
Please proceed with standard rejection procedures.

“Accept” for Score Decision and “Records Found” for the CrimSAFE Decision
Please contact the Applicant Screening Manager immediately at

Credit Override
When processing a credit override review with your Area/District/Regional Manager. DO NOT screen the applicant multiple times. ONLY a AM/DM/RM can approve a credit override. To move forward with AM/DM/RM must send a request to to have applicant screened for Criminal, or CM can send request with AM/DM/RM copied, and AM/DM/RM can reply all with “Approved”.

When you see a CoreLogic Alert that you are not familiar with, please send an email DO NOT screen the applicant multiple times.

Community Managers: please share with your leasing agents and any other office staff responsible for certification files.

DISTRICT MANAGERS: Please share with your sites to be sure they are receiving the Tip of the Week!!  If they are not receiving, they need to submit a ticket to IT to be added to the RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES email group.