Compliance Tip of the Week, 3/11/2019: Screening Results in CoreLogic

“Accept” for both the Score Decision and the CrimSAFE Decision: Please proceed with application process.

“Decline” for Score Decision: Please proceed with standard rejection procedures.

“Accept” for Score Decision and “Records Found” for the CrimSAFE Decision: Please contact the Applicant Screening Manager immediately at

Credit Override: When processing a credit override review with your Area/District/Regional Manager. DO NOT screen the applicant multiple times. ONLY a AM/DM/RM can approve a credit override. To move forward with AM/DM/RM must send a request to to have applicant screened for Criminal, or CM can send request with AM/DM/RM copied, and AM/DM/RM can reply all with “Approved”.

Alerts:When you see a CoreLogic Alert that you are not familiar with, please send an email to DO NOT screen the applicant multiple times.