2019 Conifer Conference

By now, we’ve all settled back into our daily routine. Responding to emails, sitting in on meetings, pushing whatever project were working on along, and of course, stopping in the kitchen to get our cup of coffee to make all those daily tasks possible. It doesn’t take long to return to normal even after spending three days away from our desks. The goal of our annual Conference is to keep you updated with the current Conifer initiatives and to offer you sessions that give you new tools to take back to your job, and do what you do, better. This year’s theme was all about putting your training to the test. Knowing what you need in order to complete all tasks, big and small. Not everything you do will be equivalent to a marathon, but what you do requires an effective process to make sure it’s done correctly, even if it’s something you do every day and you’ve done a million times over. Training allows us to strengthen existing skills and learn new ones. There is always something we can learn to become more effective and efficient and we hope that there is something you took away from this year’s conference, that gives you new perspective to bring back to your daily routine and tackle whatever it is on your to-do list.

The Conference is also an opportunity to recognize our fellow co-workers for all their hard work. We hope you take the time to express your appreciation for other’s work whenever the opportunity arises, but the Conference is a great time because we can all celebrate each other’s’ accomplishments, together. This year, there were too many stories of people and properties displaying the Conifer Values, that it was hard to choose just one winner for each award, and we even had to have to create two new categories. Please join us in congratulating this year’s award winners: James Vample, Rookie of the Year; Lindsey Horton, Rookie of the Year; Sandra King, Outstanding Customer Service; Beverley Boodram, Outstanding Customer Service; Sunnybrook, Overall KPI Excellence; Jos’e Vaz’ques, Maintenance Super of the Year; Gateway at Somerdale, Community of the Year; Macedon Manner, Community of the Year; Maggie Medina, Community Manager of the Year; Chris Diveley, Conifer Value Award; Dan Villasis, Impactful Leadership Award; Nicole Lombardi, People’s Choice Award; Cisco Santiago, Property Management MVP Award.

Another new award this year was created on the concept of recognizing a project that best displayed the collaboration of all aspects of what we offer here at Conifer. From inception, to development, through rent up, and all the in-betweens, the award is the epitome of coming together to see a deal through to completion. The inaugural award went to Peconic Crossing, a true effort from all team members.

We encourage you to visit the I: Drive > Photo Library > PM Conferences > 2019 Conifer Conference and peruse through the photos. And we’ll leave you with this: If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Don’t be afraid of the hard-work! Now runners, On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

Conference Team