Guiding Values

The following Conifer Guiding values shape our culture, decisions, and behavior as a company. These values serve as a definitive guide across all areas of our organization, ensuring we are invariably connected within all decision-making, messaging, and business objectives.

Relentless Optimism

All of our work starts with the overwhelming belief that we can create a safe, comfortable, high-quality, affordable homes for individuals and families.

Commitment to Quality

Our attention to detail drives operational excellence and unlocks the potential for growth.

360 Solutions

Our breadth of collective experience and collaborative approach allow us to predict obstacles and problem-solve challenges effectively and efficiently.

Community Focused

Our connection with residents and the communities we serve help create a caring environment of dignity and respect.

Personal Leadership

Each of us possess an inner drive that help us positively challenge assumptions and move beyond the status quo.

Organizational Agility

Our ability to quickly adapt to change gives us a competitive advantage in navigating the complex needs of our industry.