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Conifer - A real estate development and management company

Sustainable developments are an important part of the value we deliver to our customers. We are actively committed to leading the industry to take an environmentally sound approach to green building practices. Our approach preserves our natural resources and provides long-term operational savings and creates lasting value.

Tailored to each region in which we operate, our green practices reduce energy needs, lower our carbon footprint and enhance the quality of life of our residents.

From conception to occupancy and beyond, Conifer continues to make sustainable developments a priority. Our approach evolves as new technologies emerge so we can take advantage of innovative and cost-effective products. 

We strive, every day, to achieve a high level of sustainability by working closely with our partners, such as Energy Star, contractors, suppliers and our residents to produce long-term benefits.

Let's face it, it's the right thing to do.

    • Solar panels on our buildings produce over 400 kilowatts of renewable energy every year.
    • Conifer is a dedicated ENERGY STAR partner and has produced over 3,000 ENERGY STAR units.
    • We insulate foundations and ducts, install upgraded insulation in walls and roofs and use insulated doors and windows to improve energy efficiency. This improves the comfort of our residents and reduces their utility bills.
    • When selecting materials for flooring, cabinets and finishes, we consider durability, recycled content and the health impact on our residents.
    • We use innovative storm water management practices such as green roofs, permeable paving and rain barrels to recharge the aquifer and to reduce the discharge into the public sewer system.
    • We install high efficiency HVAC Systems, along with direct venting kitchen and bath fans to insure a high level of indoor air quality.  We reduce the off-gassing of hazardous substances from building materials through sealing or the use of low emission materials.
    • Whenever possible, we use local sources for materials and products.  This reduces greenhouse gases associated with shipping and handling and has a positive impact on the economies of the communities where we build.

    • Conifer staff have spoken on Green Energy topics at conferences sponsored by Global Green, HUD, the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, the Energy Coordinating Agency of Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.